Josie is a registered provider of N.D.I.S (National Disability Insurance Scheme),

Provider No. 622352.


Josie works together to allow you to achieve your N.D.I.S goals. 

Services available include:

*Early Childhood Interventions

*Therapeutic Supports:

Counselling for Children, Adolescents & Adults - in office & outreach. 

*Specialised Behaviour Support:

Behavioural Support & Behaviour Management Plans under Improved Relationships. 


-Transition through school and to further education.
-Early intervention under H.C.W.A. 
-Group therapy.

-Parenting support.

Appointments are also available within childcare/kinder/school and home visits. 

NDIS fees are set as per the National Price Guide.
Please click here to access current rates:

Complaints & Feedback Policy

Josie adopts a zero tolerance for abuse and discrimination. In the event of a complaint, please forward your correspondence to and/or phone 0466 639 892. Josie will respond within 24 hours and work together to resolve complaints and monitor feedback. 

If you are not happy with the responseyou can contact the Disability Service Commissioner in Victoria, Australia. Family or friends can talk on your behalf. 


Anyone can make a complaint to us about the provision of a disability service by a registered Victorian disability service provider. The complaints line is 1800 677 342 or email:

The service is completely free and independent of government and other services. With this information,  you and the service provider can work towards making things better. 

Annual reporting of complaints to Disability services Commissioner is an N.D.I.S requirement.