Behaviour therapy will assist your child stay centred throughout the day, concentrate, pay attention, cooperate, as well as be content. 

Josie is registered as an N.D.I.S Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner, offering individualised and tailored assistance to manage behavioural problems in individuals of all ages. 


Parenting support and empowering parents through teaching effective strategies  in managing difficult behaviours and promoting good behaviour and self-esteem are also incorporated. 


Josie is trained in evidence based early intervention treatments, including: 

*Applied Behaviour Analysis (A.B.A).

*The Alert Program.
*Picture Exchange Communication System

*Cognitive Behavioural Intervention
*Social Narratives
*Pivotal Response Training

These models are based on decades of scientific research of effective evidence based treatment methods for children with Autism & Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D). 

Each individualised program focuses on:

*Empowering individuals to exert control over their own behaviour and emotions;

*Building self-esteem and independence;

*Develop parent's confidence to respond effectively to their children's behaviours;

*Strengthen the relationship between parent/caregiver and child.

Behaviour Therapy includes:

*Conducting a functional assessment or functional analysis of any problem behaviour to determine why the problem occurs. Providing strategies to manage emotional regulation, behaviours of concern and development of skills to integrate into mainstream settings.

*Developing an intervention plan, based on the functional assessment or analysis results, that addresses the factors in the child’s physical and social environments that contribute to the problem, and aims to change those factors. 

*Preparing a Behaviour Support Plan, training caregivers; carers; teachers to implement strategies within the Behaviour Support Plan.  


*Observing the people implementing the intervention and providing feedback.

*Modifying the plan as needed to ensure its continued effectiveness, based on the measured progress of the child. Implementation of restrictive practices if required.


Josie is an N.D.I.A managed provider who can access N.D.I.A managed funding within
N.D.I.S Plans.


Josie is one of few providers in Melbourne registered with the N.D.I.S Commission as a Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner. This allows Josie to approve Behaviour Support Plans requiring restrictive practices with the N.D.I.S Commission.

Appointments available within childcare/ kinder/ school and home visits. 

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