Does your child need help with any emotional, behavioural or social challenges?

Josie offers a wide range of services, including:


*Managing Anxiety & Depression

*School Bullying


*Self Confidence

*Friendship/ Relationship


*Goal setting

*A.D.H.D & Autism

*Self Harm

*Anger management

Some benefits from counselling include:

*Increased concentration in class /work

*Completion of schoolwork

*Improved communication with parents

*Improved sleep

*Better management of emotions and behaviour

*Improved interaction with friends and peers

*Management of anger

*Increased self confidence

*Reduced anxiety

Additional therapeutic approaches for youth include strength based; play therapy; art therapy; sandplay.

Family therapy is also available, as well as filial counselling and parenting support.  


Appointments also available within childcare/ kinder/ school and home visits.